Want more from your land?

Of course you do!

If you’re farming and want a better yield on your crop, we can’t really help you with that.

But if you want to get a different use for your land (zoning) so you can run your business, or you want to subdivide your property and sell a piece, or you want to develop your land or have your land developed by someone else, we can help.

Want more from your land?

Promote it.

What is Land Promotion?

While common in the UK, we’re not aware of any other organization in North America that describes itself as a Land Promotion Company. And while our approach is generally similar to that taken by many of those in the UK, our scope tends to be broader as we seek to champion the interests of our landowner clients.

We see Land Promotion as the implementation of a campaign of the right strategies and efforts to increase the value and use of land, either for our clients’ own purposes or for the sale of all or part of it.

This campaign could include the amendment or development of an Area Structure Plan or local plan; a change in land use (zoning); subdivision into smaller parcels; Development Permit applications; or even a full development of the land. It requires a broad base of knowledge around the servicing, entitlement and marketing of land along with the ability to create a compelling and achievable vision for its improvement.

Why Terradigm?

Terradigm is a licensed real estate brokerage in Alberta and is able to legally represent its clients in the purchase and sale of real estate. Our founder has been active in land sales, consulting and development in this area for over 15 years and enjoys a strong relationship with municipal leaders in the region as well as with a network of development and real estate industry professionals. In some cases, the work is fully funded by our clients and in others, we provide the services and are compensated when the work is complete.

We pride ourselves in and are known for our creativity, developing solutions for otherwise difficult situations. We’re futurists, reading and learning about new technologies and changing cultures and seeing how these can and should affect the development of land. We’re involved in our communities and aim to promote all that makes them and our world a better place. We dream of, believe in, and work toward a better future for all who would call this place home.