Pins alone don’t define the boundaries of a parcel of land.

While a surveyor’s pins may accurately pinpoint the physical borders of a parcel, they rarely completely define its full boundaries. As a landowner, you need to know what you can do, what you can’t do, and what you could do on your property. It takes a professional with years of training and experience to reveal a parcel’s full constraints and limitations, entitlements and potential in order to assist you in reaching your goals with your land.

Terradigm’s Land Promotion Consultants have a focused blend of training, experience and creativity to give a better understanding of the nuances of land. Land Promotion Consultants see the world through their license as a Broker or Associate Broker, specific training in the various facets of land development, and at least 5 years direct experience across all stages of land promotion.

Some boundaries are movable.

Land Promotion Consultants are familiar with and regularly review Provincial legislation with respect to land planning and development; municipal plans and policies; existing, planned and potential infrastructure; real estate market forces and trends; and property development and ownership strategies. This knowledge is applied at every stage of land promotion on behalf of our clients.

Like visionary linebackers, though, we look for openings in the perceived boundaries and even create new ones where possible in order to promote your parcel of land along the development timetable. We also recognize that we function best as a part of a team and rely on and defer to our network of industry professionals who are experts in their own fields so that our clients get the best level of service and the best possible outcome.

Our mission is to promote community development.

We know that we are rather unique in the real estate industry and spend a good deal of time as a team talking about how to make our business better. We want to grow, but only on a very focused path, having clearly determined and remaining ever aware of our corporate boundaries and desired outcomes.

We pride ourselves in and are known for our creativity, developing solutions for otherwise difficult situations. We’re futurists, reading and learning about new technologies and changing cultures and seeing how these can and should affect the development of land. We’re involved in our communities and aim to promote all that makes them and our world a better place. We dream of, believe in, and work toward a better future for all who would call this place home.

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